Set my people free

I’m hardly the first person to see these photos and I won’t be the last to comment on them.  They display such incredible foolishness and immaturity on so many levels.  How does one even start to discuss this?

I’ll start with just a list of observations.

#1 The first thing that strikes me is the use of their “love” to display ‘hate.’  The two women are so motivated by their disdain for Ronald Reagan that they want to display affection for each other (kissing) in front of his image in order to insult his memory.  In the war of imagery this makes sense.  His portrait is the memory of him, the photo of the two of them in front of him records their attitudes (and forms their memory) of the event.  One of the problems with Same Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD) is the harmful effects of how they express physical attraction towards each other.  Besides the statistical fact that the SSAD community is an incubator for disease, the acts by themselves are physically harmful to each other.  This photo shows a manifestation of this truth, their ‘love making’ is motivated by the desire to harm Ronald Reagan’s memory. Do I need to spell it out? Their physical acts are the result of emotional attraction but emotional rejection.  It’s more like “hate making” than “love making”.

#2.Granted they are, apparently, noted activists on behalf of the Same Sex Attraction Disorder (SSAD) community.  So perhaps for them it is a natural characteristic for everything to be about the sexual perversions associated with SSAD.  And, one shouldn’t be surprised that whatever a culture is centered would be at the forefront of all thought and actions. Nevertheless, it never ceases to amaze me how they interpret nearly every aspect of the world around them through the lens of their sexual perversions.  The main goal of their trip to the White House seems to be to flaunt their sexual identify to the point of photographing themselves ‘making out.’  Really? Is that really something that would even cross your mind while in the White House in front of Ronald Reagan’s portrait???


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