Posted by: Rosebud | May 13, 2010

Quantum Entanglement…whatever life is complex!

Once again life is too complicated to understand.

Deep science in this article.  The scientists are attempting to understand photosynthesis.  In my high school biology class we studied several things in detail.  I remember distinctly three subject matters that I was interested in: Kidneys’, muscles, and photosynthesis.  In each one, as we studied them in deeper detail, we ended with “somehow” they worked.  Essentially, the science of the day admitted that they didn’t have a clue as to how muscles expanded or contracted, how the kidney performed reverse osmosis (or something like that) or how photosynthesis could function.  From this article I’d say they’ve made some real progress in the photosynthesis study.  I don’t really understand it very well, but it sounds like there’s some quantum mechanics going on that’s really amazing scientists’.  And to think some people believe a life process this complex started in some muddy/salty water!

Here’s the headline, link, and a few choice paragraphs:

Untangling the Quantum Entanglement Behind Photosynthesis

Green plants and certain bacteria are able to transfer the energy harvested from sunlight through a network of light harvesting pigment-protein complexes and into reaction centers with nearly 100-percent efficiency.

Speed is the key – the transfer of the solar energy takes place so fast that little energy is wasted as heat. In 2007, Fleming and his research group reported the first direct evidence that this essentially instantaneous energy transfer was made possible by a remarkably long-lived, wavelike electronic quantum coherence.

Using electronic spectroscopy measurements made on a femtosecond (millionths of a billionth of a second) time-scale, Fleming and his group discovered the existence of “quantum beating” signals, coherent electronic oscillations in both donor and acceptor molecules.

An X-Ray photograph that demonstrates Quantum Entanglement... you can google it if you want to read up on it...

These oscillations are generated by the excitation energy from captured solar photons, like the waves formed when stones are tossed into a pond. The wavelike quality of the oscillations enables them to simultaneously sample all the potential energy transfer pathways in the photosynthetic system and choose the most efficient.


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