Posted by: Rosebud | April 14, 2010

From Confessions of an Alien Hunter

From Confessions of an Alien Hunter by senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, Seth Shostak

Confessions of an Alien Hunter

There have been a few news clips lately about the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) non-profit.  A quote from a recent book by one of the “senior astronomers” from SETI, Seth Shostak:

Many scientifically literate critics point to the Fermi paradox, or some variant thereof, and pronounce that the verdict is already in: Our galaxy is, at best, only sparsely inhabited. Even those who accept SETI’s mission frequently opine that it may take generations to succeed, if success occurs at all. So… why would I spend my one-and-only brief moment on the stage of life chasing this particular rainbow? … [It] is the fact that SETI addresses a truly big-picture question. This is exploration on the scale of those European sailors who plied and plotted the world at the start of the 16th century. Unless our concept of the cosmos is gravely in error, SETI is the beginning of the last major foray into the unknown.”

Mr Seth Shostak

Well, a pretty good right brain parry for the left brain jab.  Left brain: “You’re chasing after windmills!” Right brain: “I’m not chasing windmills, I’m chasing rainbows!”

The SETI effort, like so much of science, is on a quest to establish an atheist left-brain religion.  At the core of the issue are myriads of right-brain issues all of which orbit the gnawing, latent knowledge core that there is a day coming where we will all be judged by God.   Just look at the “culture” of SETI.  The ‘searchers’ believe they are on a mythological quest representing the culmination of human kind.  Your left brain may ask: “How anyone could think that about trying to find a pattern of radio signals from space?”  And, of course, there just isn’t any “there” there, the best case scenarios don’t involve SETI at all.  A technologically superior alien civilization picks up our early radio broadcasts (now more than 60 light years away from here) and discovers us.  They arrive and begin sharing their technology with us.  How will that change the condition of man?  Do you really think people will stop stealing, killing and destroying?  Is that what history teaches us about technological innovation?  Of course not. 

The heart of man wishes to free himself from the burden of being judged by God.  The intellect thinks that finding life on another planet will somehow free the heart from the conviction of sin.  I’m happy to tell you that the gospel of Jesus Christ was prepared for the both the left and right brain dominant.  He provides the proof through analytical knowledge and through relational knowledge.  The guilt that you carry for what you’ve done wrong and the knowledge that you are separated from God, and the ‘awareness’ that a day of judgment is coming can all be removed and resolved through the cross of Jesus Christ.


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