Posted by: Rosebud | April 9, 2010

The Barrier to Honest Debate on Science

The Big Barrier to Honest Debates on Science

S Mug

Try to have an honest Left-Brain debate on evolution or any other science and what do you run into?  What else but Right Brain pride, patronization, arrogance, and SMUGNESS. 

If I ever get a chance to plan for an organized exchange of ideas (debate) I’ll be sure to get me one of these “S Mugs” to take along.  It would be my dramatic “right brain” illustrative tool to speak to the right brains in the audience.  It might work with the other party as well to poke them in their conscience. 

Make the message match the receptor I say! If they’re so innudated in  Smug that the left brain is shut down to logical challenges then speak to the right brain with the appropriate language.  This works not just in science, but politics, marriage, and life in general.

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