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Where I work we put summary sentences up front.  These sentences are called a “BLUF” or Bottom Line Up Front.  The BLUF for this article from the Space Daily web site is the last line from the article:

Is this the Genesis rock? It’s very possible! Amino acids build protein, protein builds tissue – and that makes people, like you and I. Now you know where you probably came from.

Yep, making life is that simple, stir some Amino acids in a soup and out comes people.  Fortunately, some scientists are practicing science and they are finally getting around to recognizing that stirring stuff up in a soup only dilutes everything down and doesn’t cause indescribably complex structures to form and then mysterious become animate. How amazingly insulting is that!

 Here’s a brief summary of some recent science in the “primordial soup” fantasies.  From the ASSIST news service a summary of a recent article by Nick Lane:

Nick Lane, lead author of the study refuting the “soup” theory, said in a press release that it suffers from “bioenergetic and thermodynamic failings.” (3) Bioenergetics deals with energy management that is vital to living cells. This involves production of ATP, the molecule that fuels cells. (5) The researchers’ summary shows that not only are scientists still waiting to discover a way to generate ATP in a primordial soup mixture, but that they have also discovered that there are no soup recipes left to try.

In the authors’ words, soup “has no capacity for energy coupling” because ATP production requires protons to be densely packed and separated out. (6) What actually happens in a soup is the exact opposite-protons rapidly disperse. The late, preeminent creation scientist A. E. Wilder-Smith made this thermodynamic deal-breaker clear back in 1970: “Thus, long time spans would not only give more time for the “lucky” synthetic reaction to evolve, they would also give more time for the “unlucky” (and often more probable) decomposition reaction to occur, away from life, back to non-life!” (7)

 How much longer must our intelligence be insulted by scientist’s blindly ignoring the obvious: evolution is a crock.  It’s a crutch for the Intellectuals to lean on so they don’t have to bend their knees to Jesus.  Well, please keep your crutch to your personal beliefs private and focus on teaching science with honesty in public. If you can’t figure something out…just admit it!

Here is Space Daily article, verbatim….


Aussie Meteorite May Hold Key To Life On Earth

by Dave Reneke

Sydney, Australia (SPX) Feb 18, 2010

The Murchison Meteorite, or at least a part of it

New analysis of the famous Murchison meteorite that crash-landed in Australia over 40 years ago has turned up a surprise for astronomers. The space rock, which is over 4.65 billion old, contains millions of previously unseen organic compounds. Maybe the seeds that started off life right here on planet Earth. The results of the meteorite study are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers in Germany have examined the carbon-rich meteorite using 21st century technology and found signals representing more than 14,000 different elementary compositions, including dozens of amino acids, the building blocks of life, in a sample of the rock. “We are really excited.

When I first studied it and saw the complexity I was so amazed,” said Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, lead researcher on the study from the Institute for Ecological Chemistry in Neuherberg, Germany.

The Murchison meteorite landed near a town in Victoria of the same name in 1969. Startled residents reported seeing a bright fireball explode into three separate fragments over the town before fading from view in a thick cloud of smoke. About 30 seconds later, a loud tremor was heard.

Many specimens were found over an area of 13 square kilometres, with some pieces weighing up to 7 kilograms! One smaller fragment broke through a barn roof and fell in some hay. In all, about 100 kilograms of the fractured meteorite was eventually located by searchers.

This is arguably the most famous meteorites ever found. Earlier analysis of the space rock revealed the presence of a complex mixture of differing sized organic chemicals including the amino acids, probably collected during its journey around our early solar system.

Is this the Genesis rock? It’s very possible! Amino acids build protein, protein builds tissue – and that makes people, like you and I. Now you know where you probably came from.

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