Posted by: Rosebud | December 10, 2009

Fascinating, Fascinating SCIENCE

Fascinating, Fascinating Science

Pretty amazing story to me, it’s about scientists using science instrument measurements collected over 6 years from an instrument orbiting Saturn on the Cassini Saturn space probe.  You can read the whole article, if you like, here:

The article is about the Heliosphere, the “atmosphere” of our Solar System. The vacuum of space really impresses me.  I have a National Geographic fold-out about space that I kept next to my bed for years.  I used to unfold it and try to grasp the vast emptiness of space just to be in awe of God’s creation before going to sleep at night.  (It is called “The Universe Map” you can order a copy of it here:  Take a look, it’s awesome. 

National Geographic's The Universe Map

Of course, the vacuum of space is not a perfect vacuum; there is stuff out there which is where the Heliosphere fits in to this. The Heliosphere is the bubble of “pressure” created by the solar wind (a stream of sub atomic particles ‘blowing’ out) from our sun.  This bubble is moving through the near-vacuum of space and the few particles of gas that do exist in space are being pushed aside and around our Heliosphere as we move along. I wish I could do the math to explain the scale of it all, vast distances out to the edge of the Heliosphere, and vast distances between these individual sub atomic particles.

A Diagram of the Heliosphere

The article in question describes how measurements from the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument were reanalyzed by the experts to indicate a different shape of the Heliosphere. The measurements apparently are more accurate than any taken near the Earth since the instrument is so far removed from the interference of the sun. 

So, you may ask, what’s my point?  Well, it’s right in the second paragraph, the introduction to the article which reads:

“But Cassini recently revealed new data that appeared to overturn the decades-old belief that our solar system resembled a comet in shape as it moves through the interstellar medium (the matter between stars in our corner of the Milky Way galaxy).”

Did you see it? The fourteenth word in is a faith word.  The scientists don’t hold a “belief” regarding the shape of the Heliosphere – it’s just a theory to them which these measurements seem to have disproved.  Belief’s are metaphysical they are acts of faith, not physical feats.  Jesus performed acts that were beyond physical explanation, therefore they are miraculous, and He did them to deliver a metaphysical message of belief or faith.  To expect a metaphysical belief to change based on a presentation of facts misses the point.  Jesus couldn’t have healed anyone because it’s impossible, which is why it is a miracle when He continues to heal today.  The very fact that supposedly proves the impossibility of it all only establishes it more firmly as a metaphysical act.   If an ‘intellectually held position’ changes due to a presentation of facts then it was a theory about truth all along and not a metaphysical act of faith or a belief. 

Again, our scientists need to stop making science into a religion, leave the religious studies to the Theologians.



  1. I’m pretty sure the word “belief” is used interchangeably with the word “understanding” in the world of Science. The way it works is, something observable like, say, the shape of the planet, or its place in the heavens is understood (or believed) to be a certain way. “I believe the world to be flat.” Or, “I believe the earth is the center of the solar system.” Then, Science provides repeatable, measurable evidence that either upholds this belief or proves it to be in error. If it’s the latter, the new understanding, or belief, is either upheld by further Scientific scrutiny in the future, or revised as necessary again. It’s a constant search for The Truth based on facts, as best as we humans can understand.

    The word “belief” is not being used in a religious manner in the slightest. Why would it be?

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