Posted by: Rosebud | December 8, 2009

Right Brain won’t be confused by the facts.

CRU building at East Anglia University

Don’t Confuse Me with the FACTS

Okay, we’ve got a problem here. When a black-and-white scientific argument is made then proven with evidence…totally in the left brain…you can’t undo it with a few out-of-context quotes from stolen emails.  The sloganeering of the right brain is powerful, but it shouldn’t be allowed to overpower the logic of the left brain.

Here’s the problem I’m having.  So we’ve got this global warming threat, caused by increased concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.  Foremost of these greenhouse gasses is Carbon Dioxide or CO2 which is a prominent product of man-made combustion (whether in forest-fires or industry).  These gasses are called greenhouse gasses because they trap heat within our atmosphere instead of allowing it to escape.  Accumulate too many of them and the earth’s temperature starts to rise, just like a man-made glass-roofed greenhouse. 

Fine, I’m tracking.

Now enter in current weather data that shows the earth in a cooling trend.  Suddenly, the references to “Global Warming” are all changed to “Climate Change.” And, all of the efforts to affect “Climate Change” involve limiting greenhouse gas emissions, again only through man-made combustion.  I predict that the term “greenhouse gasses” will be the next term to change.  The great inconsistency is just too readily apparent in the argument that goes something like: “We must reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it is affecting the climate and making it either cooler or warming, we’re not really sure.”  What? You have to reduce greenhouse gasses because you don’t know what its impact is??? 

It’s little right-brain clues that there is a logical inconsistency going on.  The right brain follows the narrative, the headlines, the outline, the summary of the story, it sets up the punch line.  It trips over inconsistencies in the “themes” or storyline that the logical left-brain misses when it is drilling deep in a myopic tunnel of details. 

And that’s where we are, the right brain screams “FOUL” regarding the switch from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.”  The theme of dangerous greenhouse gasses making the world anything other than a hot greenhouse sets off alarm bells.  This gradual change in semantics set the stage for the CRU email controversy.  Many folks may not have been able to process these messages coming from the right brain, but with the apparently blatant disregard for truth…well, it suddenly became crystal clear: Global Warming was a fraud perpetrated upon us by our leaders. 

Such are the workings of left-brain/right-brain.


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