Posted by: Rosebud | December 1, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Creek…..Has No Clothes!


Google Maps is great, I think these images are copyrighted. I’ll take them down if they are.

Itsy Bitsy Creek

First is a shot of a itsy bitsy creek, just working its way down hill, possibly through the middle of a rubble field or mud flow.  Looks like the creek is eroding its own little path.

Two Itsy Bitsy Creeks

Second shot, another tiny little creek comes along and joins it, hoping to increasing their power of erosion.  And, you can see a ditch forming as more of what looks like gravel, as opposed to a solid rock formation, is eroded away.

Nice and precious. 

Now You've Crossed the Line

Next image??? What happened, who came along and excavated this big hole in the ground? How could that same little creek suddenly get the power to erode like that?? What is the significance of the line that defines the lip of that canyon??? 

Don't look outside the line!

Surprise! You knew it all along didn’t you! It’s the Grand Canyon! Formed by millions of years of that little creek flowing down that ditch!  Has any geologist ever seen that line? You expect me to believe that the tiny little creek somehow eroded a canyon nearly as deep as the Grand Canyon itself, but only after it crossed that line marking the edge of the canyon????  The emperor has no clothes; the canyon was formed cataclysmically by a large amount of water, not tiny little creeks flowing over millions and millions of years.

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