Posted by: Rosebud | November 18, 2009



Is EXACT an EXTREME position?

From an ABC News web site story about the Executive Branch examining the reported impact of the Stimulus Legislation:

“The administration committed from the start to be upfront with the American people about the impact of the Recovery Act. Overall, the recipients provided good information on the impact of the Recovery Act across the country,” Rob Nabors, deputy director at OMB, told ABC News Monday. “The test that we used when examining the data for accuracy was, ‘Is that reasonable?’ When the answer was no, we acted accordingly.”

And a definition of ACCURATE:

Etymology: Latin accuratus, from past participle of accurare to take care of

1:free from error especially as the result of care (an accurate diagnosis)

2:conforming exactly to truth or to a standard: exact (providing accurate color)

Plus a definition of REASONABLE:

1a: being in accordance with reason (a reasonable theory) b: not extreme or excessive (reasonable requests) c: moderate, fair (a reasonable chance – a reasonable price)

Am I the only one that sees these terms (reasonable – accurate) as mutually exclusive?  Especially when juxtaposing “accurate” definition #2 “conforming exactly” and “reasonable” definition #1b “not extreme or excessive” definitions?  Isn’t “exact” an “extreme” position?

So, getting past the myopic stumbling block of the meaning of the words here, what is the sentence actually trying to say? It reads: “The test that we used when examining the data for accuracy was, ‘Is that reasonable?’ When the answer was no, we acted accordingly.”   So they were really checking the data to see if it were “believable.”  Well, believable according to what criteria? But, isn’t that the exact same test an intentional liar would use to evaluate his work?  So if someone is intentionally trying to lie in this data you’ll never find it. 

This sorry episode in checking data is pretty close to the norm in how so many people self evaluate.  “Am I going to heaven when I die?” they ask, and then compare themselves to their own personal definition of what is a reasonable effort to get into heaven.  If you are guilty of this, then you have forgotten that you have an enemy.  An enemy that has created lies for you that you will find “reasonable” and “believable.”  Lies that will prevent you from discovering the truth of the matter.  I think we all need to take action on this.  The purpose of the Word of God is to identify truth, especially on this matter.  A regular commitment to seeking God through His Word will help keep us aware of these lies and to help keep us on the narrow path.

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