Posted by: Rosebud | November 13, 2009

Cosmic Comet Cargo Cult

Interesting article on astro-chemistry, here’s the link:

I’ve only copied a small paragraph from it below.

In theory, the researchers thought that if molecules of pyrimidine could survive long enough to migrate into interstellar dust clouds, they might be able to shield themselves from radiation destruction. Once in the clouds, most molecules freeze onto dust grains (much like moisture in your breath condenses on a cold window during winter).


Once again, scientists seem to be giving inanimate objects some degree of sentiency: “they might be able to shield themselves.”  Why do I care you may ask, well allow me to try to compile and summarize my thoughts on this.

The state of the scientific arts today indicates that life at the cellular level is fantastically complex and we have not yet fully grasped how it functions. Which indicates to me that there are even more layers of complexity that remain undiscovered.  From the structure of the cell membrane and its inexplicable abilities to allow the correct amount of nutrients in and to allow all of the waste to exit to the splitting of the DNA and RNA during mitosis of the cell as it divides, there are complexities yet to be discovered and mysteries yet to be solved.  Perhaps at the time you, dear reader, read this these mysteries will have been substantially solved with discoveries of amazing chemical reactions between fantastically complex biological molecules and perhaps amazing electrical signals.  If so, please examine those amazing explanations carefully, because most surely they only open the door to another level of complexity in the functions of a cell.  All of which, in my mind, points to an explanation of life that is…beyond us. 

Basically, I like to contend with bad science like evolution on the scientific level, not the religious level.  And, any bad-science-proponent that asks me: “Do you believe in evolution?” has already lost the argument because he is making the discussion a religious one by using the faith word: “believe.”  And, for those that practice a true religion of evolution they actually do put their faith in the hand of the random physical reactions to make good decisions so that life can arise and develop.  It’s almost like they are practicing “Anti-Galileos” feverishly squashing any thought that disproves their religion. When one of these scientists makes an anthropomorphizing-of-matter statement like the citation above, it looks to me like they are revealing their religious belief of evolution in their science.  And I find it rather ironic and in a subsequent post, I’ll show how this evolution religion is right up there with the cargo-cult religions. 


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