Posted by: Rosebud | July 28, 2009

Another Scientist Diefies Life

From the Space Daily Website:(

Some cool science speaking to some trendy subject matter:

The Sun’s evolution into a red giant certainly will render the inner solar system uninhabitable. Yet all hope may not be lost. The “habitable zone” – the radius from a star where water can remain liquid under room temperatures – will expand along with the Sun. This will warm once-frozen planets and their moons, bringing a brief springtime after a 10-billion-year winter.

As the Sun balloons to a red giant, the habitable zone will sweep through a range of 200 million to 900 million miles radius. Under the warm glare of the giant Sun, the frozen moons orbiting the outer planets, such as Europa, Ganymede, and Enceladus will have their icy crust melt quickly into liquid water.

Ancient craters will dissolve into the warming seas. After being in hibernation for all of its star’s main sequence lifetime, the moons’ newborn oceans, laden with a carbon-rich broth, could spring to life.

Life on Earth may have begun as soon as a few tens of millions of years after Earth cooled down from its fiery birth. If life elsewhere could form within a billion years of when conditions become ripe, then inhabitable planets could exist around the aging Sun and other red giant stars. Life could then have a chance to develop in a newly extended habitable zone.

Life could then have a chance“?? Whoa boy…slow down.  So what do you actually think “life” is?  You seem to acknowledge that “life” has a component that is ‘separate’ from the physical world.  If not a deification of life, at least an admission that life is “meta-physical” with a core component that is not explained by physical sciences.

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