Posted by: Rosebud | March 1, 2009

Sliver of a Chance

I came across a quote on the “spacedaily” web site article about life on mars.

“If you are a microbe that can live millions of years as a spore, then during these periods you can wake up, fix some genetic damage, and reproduce yourself,” Zent says.

The article was “A Sliver Of A Chance For Life” by Michael Schirber

“Zent” was Aaron Zent of NASA’s Ames Research Center.  The article was on a very thin film of moisture cycle (not quite dew) on Mars and how axis variations over eons might affect the presence of water on Mars.  The quote was trying to say that there could be life in these thin films that stays dormant for millions of years and then when water returns as the axis changes these microbes could emerge from dormancy and conduct genetic engineering on themselves.

Thin layer of frost visible on Mars

Thin layer of frost visible on Mars

I place this quote in the deification of evolution category.  So often not just pseudo scientists but real scientists refer to “evolution” as an independent, intelligent, self-aware, very powerful diety.  They talk glowingly of how evolution has blessed us, how amazingly intelligent evolution is, what evolution has planned for the future, why it made decisions in the past…etc etc. 

This has to stop.  Scientists need to be kept in their laboratories dealing with observable phenomena that can be measured, and recreated.  The things of the left-brain.  Keep them out of the theology department.

Like my tax accountant said to me once: “I wouldn’t design my house without an architect, why would you do your taxes without an accountant?”


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