Posted by: Rosebud | February 7, 2009

Notes from Jon Moseley Part 1

Notes from a friend of mine on how God is moving in his church


Our Assemblies of God Pastor here in North Carolina is going through a bit of a revolution in God, of which I will write separately. Having pastored in various places around the country for decades, he has seen great miracles and undeniable supernatural healings and events, from his own prayers and the prayers of others. So confidence in God is not a question. But, like many of us, he is going through great difficulties, and has reached a point of snapping out of the routine, and being unwilling to settle for any less than the promises of God in the Bible. To the extent that we are not seeing in our lives what is promised in the Bible, he and we have set about getting desperate for God and seeking God to make REAL what we read but are not experiencing. More about that separately. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today we had an extended lesson and prayer on TAKING BACK WHAT HAS BEEN STOLEN, and had group prayer as a church for this to happen. God told Pastor Bill to preach on this subject, then on Friday two people showed up and — out of the blue — brought back items that had been stolen from him or his son. An item belonging to the Pastor’s deceased brother was stolen months ago, and the roommate of the one who stole it (unknown to the Pastor who it was until Friday) spontaneously brought this item back to the Pastor’s office. Without the Pastor even knowing who had taken it, or doing anything, the roommate felt it was wrong and took it from the thief and returned it to its rightful owner. Similarly, his son’s wallet had been stolen months ago, and someone found it and brought it back later that same afternoon, complete with credit cards, social security card, driver’s license, etc. So he figured this might be a lesson that God really wanted to impart, with that kind of confirmation — suddenly, out of the blue. He figured if God was hitting him over the head with confirmation, maybe this was God’s message for this moment. Our church is believing for EVERYTHING that has been stolen to be returned, not just a few things, as happened with David in 1 Samuel 30, where David got back EVERYTHING that had been stolen from them — and then some. And this is echoed in JOEL 2:12-27, though first it must be preceded by repenting and asking for God’s forgiveness:;&version=31; Well, I cannot reconstruct the entire sermon, except to encourage people to move beyond the ordinary, step out of the boat to walk on the water, and sort of say “I am mad as heck and I’m not going to take it any more.” in a spiritual sense. ================================================================= However, an important revelation came out of this. What is the relationship between FORGIVENESS of those who have wronged us, and standing aggressively in faith against the devil and believing we will recover everything that was stolen from us? Bottom line, if you hold a wrong against a human being, you are making THEM your source. You are trying to get back from THEM, the limited, fallen human being, what was stolen. Chances are they don’t got it anyway to give you (having spent it or fallen deeper into debt.) But if you let go (of them, NOT your rights in faith), THEN YOU MAKE *GOD* YOUR SOURCE. So we forgive fallen man. But we STILL stand and fight in faith aggressively for the receipt of what is promised in the Bible and against the devil who was behind it all, including full restitution. Pastor Bill preached the example that Kenneth Copeland tells. Kenneth Copeland and his wife were flying and at the airport baggage claim one of their bags was stolen. Naturally, they felt violated with the loss of their personal items, an invasion of privacy, but there was also a $350 35-mm camera in there, which they used partly for ministry when they travelled and held events. But after mulling it over and some prayer, they decided NOT to file a report. And they decided to “give” the camera to the thief in their hearts,even though it was after the fact and they did not know him. But they let go of it in their hearts, and counted the camera as a gift to the person, and decided not to hold it against him, nor seek or desire any recovery from that person. A short time later, someone GAVE them a much more elaborate set of camera equipment worth $1500 far better than what had been stolen from them. The difference being they put their faith in God as their source, not in their ability to squeeze restitution out of the wrong-doer by Earthly procedures. God, who is infinite, can restore to us what has been lost out of God’s infinite plenty. The wrongdoer usually cannot pay us back (having spent it already), and if we look to the wrongdoer we are trusting in EARTHLY mechanisms for trying to get what we need, instead of trusting in a supernatural and infinite God who has an infinite amount to bless us with. Not only are we pursuing strife among people, BUT WE ARE NOT MOVING IN FAITH IN GOD. If our “faith” is in our ability to extract a pound of flesh from the wrongdoer OUR FAITH IS MISPLACED, and we are CUT OFF from the power of God’s provision. It is not just a matter of failing to forgive, but also we are putting our weight on the WRONG foot. We are putting our weight on EARTHLY mechanisms for getting what we need. We are cutting ourselves off from God’s power and provision, because we are NOT placing our faith in God as the answer to our situation. Although we are Christians, we are not getting results any better than the world, because we are trusting in the world’s systems, instead of trusting in God’s power. In fact, in Joel 2, note that it is GOD who restores what the locusts have stolen:;&version=31; So (a) the locusts do the stealing, but (b) GOD DOES THE RESTORING. Joel 2 shows us that God restores, although it was the locusts who did the stealing. So we are not likely to get our recovery from the same person who stole from us. Pastor Bill also gave the example of husbands and wives bickering over all their problems with jobs and bills and financial pressures instead of just getting down on their knees and asking God “Okay, God, what do you want us to do about this now?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTE: One thing I learned from a Kenneth Copeland tape — even though I DO NOT agree with everything he preaches or always how he put things — was very interesting. He kept seeking God for the answer to “Why does God always seem to answer prayer at the LAST MINUTE?” What God finally showed him is that God is often waiting for other people to do the right thing, giving them a chance to be responsible and to obey God’s voice and/or principles. So God may give that other person or people every opportunity to either do the right thing or else to clearly be in the wrong before God closes the window and takes care of it himself. The result is that from our perspective God may always be answering at the last minute, at a hair-raising moment when it almost looks too late. That is because other people were supposed to do the right thing, but they did not. So God came through only when it became clear that the people who should ahve helped failed to do what they were supposed to do. Jon Moseley

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