Posted by: Rosebud | February 1, 2009

*more* Battle of Los Fresnos Feedback

The following is from Jackie Kyger’s personal web page that he used to maintain to comment on current events in Los Fresnos.  Los Fresnos doesn’t have a newspaper so this citizen took it upon himself to do a running commentary.  [[Note: the link in the article doesn’t work]]  I exchanged some email correspondance with Mr Kyger, he actually informed me of the reporter’s interest in writing this story and I exchanged a few emails with the reporter.  The reporter wrote me: “You’re one of the most creative writers in the Valley.”  After reading his story (on the previous Battle of Los Fresnos post) I see that he must have believed it, since his whole article is cooked up from my website!



Battle of Los Fresnos?
What kind of hoopla is that? 
Read the following link and then come back and finish reading this article:

 30 Nov 00, Brownsville Herald  ‘Battle of Los Fresnos’!

  Are you back? 


Read on!!!!

  I guess it was a slow news day for the Brownsville Herald.  When I read  the Battle of Los Fresnos I thought, a battle over our leadership?, a battle over annexing? Or even perhaps an historic battle like  the battle of Palo Alto, but never did I imagine a Battle story with no author on the Internet.  You do realize that any village idiot with a computer and a creative mind could write a fictional story such as that?  

  I’m sure Dr. Sellers, and Mr. Keillor are sorry they answered their phones as now they are affiliated with this story in some small way.  “ Wasn’t  Keillor Mayor during that time? Hmm? You don’t suppose, that maybe, Naw, he’s too smart of a guy for that, and besides wasn’t he busy building homes back then?

The Brownsville herald goes on to Proclaim Jackie Kyger a “Civic Leader” and insinuates that perhaps it  is of his authoring.   He is a far cry from  being a civic leader, I can tell ya first hand.  “Ya drink one beer and you’re a drunk?  Ya go to one meeting and you’re a Civic Leader?

By the way, if you want to read the actual article here is the address:

 Give Thanks to Our Redneck Patriots

Brad, we in Los Fresnos hope you get to the bottom of this story because the Peanut butter sandwich eating, dark of the night, water tower climbing militia group needs to be brought to the light of day. Be careful though, they could be a tough lot.  Unless of course , the temperature goes below 50,  and then they just seem to turn cold, leave their post (water tower) and go home.

For the record did not author that story and Brad, don’t spend  your days,  where the dogs haven’t tree’d!                                                                                – editor  01 Dec 00

the Editor


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