Posted by: Rosebud | January 24, 2009

Jet Trains

Jet Train

Jet Train

Okay, this is not a photo-shopped photo.

Now I’m faced with a decision, do I come from my left brain and ridicule the silliness of putting a jet engine on rails or spin from my right brain the thrilling story that must be behind this photo? 

I don’t even remember where I found this photo.  I’m fairly certain I never knew the actual story behind this experiment.  See train in action below.


Jet Train in Action
Jet Train in Action

If you could zoom into the actual photo you’d see several men next to the train car on the left.  One has already turned tail and is clearly running away.  That is my favorite part of this story.  The totality of the experience is too much for this man.  Too loud, too dangerous, too impractical for a multitude of engineering reasons for it ever to be successful.  I like to think that he’s the only left-brain dominant person involved, and he’s finally had all he can take so he’s running from the danger he’s allowed his heart to drag him into.

Which, of course, makes me look back over the course of my life and wonder if I’ve ever had an experience like that.  Getting dragged into an adventure until the left-brain finally says: “Enough!” And I run away to safety.  Following Jesus certainly brings me close to that experience.  The thing is the danger isn’t harm to me, but removal of things that are harmful to us/Him. 


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