Posted by: Rosebud | January 17, 2009

Old Photos

Band in High School Courtyard

Band in High School Courtyard

Here are two photos of the High School Band.  The first (above) in the courtyard of the High School building in the 1970’s.  The second (below) inside the band hall building…same time frame.


Band in Band Hall
Band in Band Hall

I have the original 8x10s of these photos (don’t ask why).  I was always amazed and enchanted by the perfection of the courtyard at the High School. The design was complete, clear, finished, logical, and yet there were still fanciful and delightful elements to it.  I always liked it, the Band Hall building was a couple of hundred feet away and constructed at a different time to a different architectural tune.  Inside you can see how utilitarian it was.  Utility certainly must have been the decision criteria behind the second photo.  With such an awesome courtyard just a few steps away, why cram everyone into the corner like this?  I have more pictures like this from different years and this is not an anomoly.  So don’t suggest it was raining on the day of the photo.  Albeit this is a very boring mystery, but still a right-brain/left-brain mystery.  How did the utility overtake the artistic in the brain of the band-director that organized these shots???


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