Posted by: Rosebud | January 10, 2009

Battle of Los Fresnos

The following is the press coverage of my website: “The Battle of Los Fresnos” after it was selected as a “Cruel Site of the Day.” My daughter reloaded the website and you can see parts of it on the link to my daughter’s page under the Blog Roll.


The Brownsville Herald

The Brownsville Herald


Tale discusses Battle of Los Fresnos



The Brownsville Herald

LOS FRESNOS While Dr. Grayson Sellers said he’s never read a depiction of The Battle of Los Fresnos,” he was told years ago that given the right opportunity, the city would probably be thrown to the communists.

Sellers explained that an intelligence officer with the Texas National Guard told him that if the United States is ever invaded from the south, everything south of a line drawn from Corpus Christi to El Paso should simply be “written off” as indefensible.

However, many Los Fresnos residents would disagree. At least, thats the message one Internet site has revealed with its description of the city’s largest mobilization of civilian forces, known as “TheBattle of Los Fresnos.”

Some Los Fresnos residents contacted about the event claim the whole thing is just a hoax.

According to the story, which no real records prove actually happened, the city will not bow to left-wing threats and communists are not welcome.

Sparked by comments President Ronald Reagan made about Sandinista Communists being only a days drive from Harlingen, the Web story tells of how mass hysteria overwhelmed the community in 1986.

“A civilian militia effort on the party of the Los Fresnos City Government and concerned citizens” was established “to plan for a military invasion of the United States from the South,” the story goes.

“When the cry of war went through our community like wildfire I knew I wanted to be a part of it,” said an anonymous member of the militia quoted in the story, who added that it was his job to climb the citys water tower to scan the highway for “suspicious movement.”

The tale suggests the city devised a final plan of civilian militia defense that was approved by a government agency and then prepared for war.

Apparently, documents left in the city halls trash bin exposed the project, the story goes, revealing all probable invasion routes from Mexico.

Containing detailed defense maps and descriptions of drills, the Web site explains how the city banded together to overcome possible foreign aggression at a time when Cameron County Sheriff Alex Perez was calling for riot gear, vowing, “If we dont get it, I guess well have to fight with tree limbs.”

“At the time of the Militia Raising I had been living in Los Fresnos over 39 years,” said one resident who joined the womans militia support and explained different ways the town conducted invasion drills during the cold winter.

“Man those were weird times,” said another anonymous source listed in the Internet account. “The (Anglos) were freaking out about the Sandinistas driving up here from Nicaragua and invading.”

The story was posted Nov. 24 on the popular Web site  No one is sure when the story first turned up and reports reveal that it might have been circulating the Internet as early as last spring. However, no one has come forward to claim authorship and all participants remain anonymous.

Sellers, a local dentist, said he has someone in mind who could have devised
such a hoax, but declined to provide a name.

Civic leader Jackie Kyger, who coincidentally has a military past, a keen mind and a knack for computers, admitted hes heard the story but has no idea who wrote it.

Despite several people suspicious that he might be the man behind the hoax, local historian James Keillor said he couldnt claim authorship because he had never even heard about it until this week.

“I hope people understand its a farce,” said Sellers, who was mayor of Los Fresnos from 1988-94. “I doubt anyone would take it seriously.”

Being a resident of Los Fresnos all her life, City Administrator Pam Denny said she knows nothing of a militia movement in the 80s to defend the city against hostile communists.

Mayor Manuel Abrego said he was a member of the city council in 1986 and never heard of such hysteria.

“Its a hoax,” Abrego said. “Nothing like that happened.”

The mayor added that while the story may be false, the City of Los Fresnos is ready to mobilize if a threat actually occurred.

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